Confidence - (25-26.05 2010 Krakow)
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CONFidence 2.0 2010, 29-30 November 2010, Prague (Czech Republic)

This November hackers gather in Prague at the next edition of the CONFidence Conference. Visit

Conference Summary

We would like to thank everyone for participating in the 7th edition of the CONFidence conference. We have been building and developing security environment in Poland for 6 years. We are pleased that during last CONFidence meeting there were even more participants than in the previous year. We hope that CONFidence 2010 has allowed you to broaden your knowledge, and to meet interesting people who share common interests.

We would like to thank the participants for coming and speakers for sending the topics. 7th edition of CONFidence would not have taken place if not for support of our sponsors. We would like to sincerely thank our Platinium Sponsor – Fortinet company. Also a major contribution in organizing the conference had our Gold Sponsors – ESET, Mediarecovery and iStream. Silver sponsor of the meeting was Safecomputing company. We also thank the following companies: Compendium, Access Data and ISEC. Specially thanks to Jake Appelbaum for the evangelization of CONFidence abroad and Nick Farr for bringing Hackers on a Plane to Krakow. We can not forget about our media patrons who help us promote the conference. Detailed information about companies and sites involved in the creation of CONFidence can be found at

The conference was opened by a show of dancers juggling with lasers. Flaming balls of fire had to be replaced by electronic trinkets. This was due to a lack of fire permits, for all firefighters in Krakow were involved in saving the city from flooding. The first lecture about TOR and Internet filtering was conducted by well known Jacob Appelbaum. Throughout the day we heard many interesting lectures on security of Microsoft Windows, Security of Software, Phishing, PKI and Security of Mobile Phones. The first day of the conference was ended by Dan Kaminsky, who presented the current threats in the global World Wide Web.

As we could find out CONFidence was not only lectures, but also a full day event with many attractions and the possibility of a more loosely discussions in the corridors. Throughout the day, you could try your skills at PS3 and Wii consoles. An additional attraction were the RETRO games, whose rich history we could hear during evening lecture. We would also like to thank all those who helped HFC and took part in the Hackers for Charity roulette. Congratulations to the winners. During the CONFidence conference attendees could also take part in the Crackme competition. The fastest needed only four hours to solve the problem given by the Gold Sponsor of the CONFidence Conference – ESET company. ESET’s second contest was extended until the end of June. Details can be found on pages CONFidence.

After the first day of the conference, there was an integration event held in Kijow Cinema. Attraction of the evening was the Forti-Tour – walk around the pubs. Participants had to visit three neighboring pubs, and then get back to Kijow-Centre. In each place there was a free beer waiting for them, of course if they knew the answer to the question about Fortinet company. Just before midnight, there was Powerpoint Karaoke, which was led by Ela Jasinska. Powerpoint Karaoke idea is to conduct a short presentation about the previously unknown topic, with no preparation. We congratulate the speakers creativity and ingenuity, and thank you for providing us with a large dose of laughter.

After a short and sleepless night the second day of the conference began. For all the participants waited mineral water and specialist medical assistance. The second day was another dose of interesting topics of lectures and workshops that provide participants with extensive information on IT security, or lack of it. People could attend lectures related to WLAN, reverse engineering, IPv6 security, security vulnerabilities in Windows and hacking games. The high level of lectures has provided a large number of participants, who were until the very end. The last stage was the prize drawing. We congratulate the lucky winners. The unofficial end of the conference was Game Over Party which was held in one of Krakow’s pubs. Photos from the conference will appear soon at:

At this point I would like to warmly thank those who organized the CONFidence conference and were taking care of it during those two extremely busy days. Big thanks to all employees of the PROIDEA Foundation for Supporting IT Education, hostesses, announcers, helpers and support for audio / video. CONFidence 2010 was one of the best hackers conference that took place this year in the world.

See you at the next 8th edition of CONFidence in November 2010 in Prague:) All those who do not want to leave our great country, we would like to inform that the next edition of Krakow’s CONFidence will be held in May 2011. Everyone interested in cooperation concerning CONFidence please contact via e-mail: jakub.koziol{@}

ESET Crackme tournament has started!

Eset tournament has started. Check the details HERE!

Good luck!

CONFidence in a few days

We would like to inform you that the flood has not affected preparations for the conference and in a few days we are meeting in Krakow on the next edition of the CONFidence conference.

Hacktivity 2010 Conference

The Hacktivity 2010 conference will be held in the Dürer Garden (Hungary) on September 18 and 19, 2010. This year’s keynote speaker will be no other than Bruce Schneier, the most famous IT security expert in the world. Bruce can be remembered from the last year’s edition of CONFidence conference in Krakow.

The Hacktivity conference, the oldest Hungarian independent IT security event will be organized for the seventh time this year. The conference is characterized by an informal atmosphere, where you can listen to thrillingly exciting and deeply professional presentations with a beer in your hand. In order to make the event interactive, the “Wargame”, “Hack the Vendor”, and “BYOL” (bring your own laptop) workshops will once again be a part of the program this year. Another sign of progress is that this year, the event will also receive conference guests from abroad, with English simultaneous interpreting and a hacker hotel provided. The Hacktivity conference has been characterized by discussions of fanatics from the outset, where you can gain more knowledge from a conversation in the hallway than from a thick technical book. Participants are unbelievably active at various workshops, and the evening party is of course also astounding.

Two interesting contests

We would like to inform you about two interesting contests, related to IT security, which we organize together with the Gold Sponsor of the CONFidence Conference – ESET Company, producer of security package ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 antivirus. The best of the best will receive attractive prizes: sets of computer and ESET company software. Results of the competitions will be given during the upcoming CONFidence conference in Krakow.

The first ESET competition has just begun and will last until 21 May 2010. Each participant is to create tools associated with IT security or to provide an idea on just such a tool. The competing applications can run on any platform, system should work in virtual environments, and the participants of the contest must be the authors of ideas or programs reported to the competition. Assessment will be subject to the originality of an idea or a finished tool, its usefulness and overall quality of the presented ideas and programs. An additional advantage of making available the source code. Among the examples of applications that can be submitted for the competition there are binary editors, monitors the network, sandboxes, data filtering scripts or plugins for debuggers. Competition entries must be sent via e-mail until 21 May to the address konkurs{@} The notification should include the name of the program, the names of the authors, contact telephone number, program description and screenshots, link to download the program or in the case of an idea for an accurate description of the project, which will result in consequences, and subsequent phases of implementation. In addition, the description should specify the environment needed to run the program and a list of applications and libraries needed for proper operation. The winner will receive a set of computer and ESET Company software. In addition, the winner of the contest will be able to showcase solution or idea at the CONFidence conference.

The second contest is addressed directly to the CONFidence conference participants and relates to solving the task of “crackme”. This means finding the correct password in a specially prepared file executable. The task of this type requires knowledge of reverse engineering. The contest starts on May 25th (first day of the conference CONFidence) at 12:30. The solution should be sent to the 26 May to 17 hours at the address konkurs{@} The winner will be the participant who first sends the correct password. The main prize is a set of computer and ESET company software.

Rules and details can be found at:

Dan Kaminsky at CONFidence 2010

We would like to inform you that during the CONFidence 2010 conference you will able to meet and talk with world-known security specialist, a member of the Hackers on a Plane group – Dan Kaminsky. Dan is a security researcher and Director of Penetration Testing for IOActive. He formerly worked for Cisco and Avaya. He is known among computer security experts for his work on DNS cache poisoning, including showing that the Sony Rootkit had infected at least 568,200 computers and for his talks at the Black Hat Briefings.


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400 attendees

We are pleased to announce that the number of registered next CONFidence attendees has already exceeded 400 people. This is a very pleasant message, particularly, that to the conference there are still almost 2 weeks, so the number might get higher. Meanwhile, we invite you to read the lectures’ abstracts of speakers who will appear at the next meeting CONFidence.


During the next edition of the CONFidence conference interesting trainings will be held, we warmly invite you to take part in them.