Confidence - (25-26.05 2010 Krakow)
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We develop automated security testing technologies that discover, report and manage the elimination of security vulnerabilities in networks, programs, hardware and web applications. Our vulnerability research activities started with the launch in 1999 of the SecuriTeam <> security portal. The security data clearing house is a vital part of the company’s activities and an essential competitive advantage.

hackpl – is the biggest Polish information security portal. It has a group of young, creative people focusing largest class of referred and certified specialists in safety. HACKPL is a modern, fully professional information platform. HACKPL not only describes and reports but also as one of the few sites in Poland builds new IT security solutions.


Information Portal appeared on the Internet at the end of May 2007 for due to the efforts of German publisher of computer magazine “c’t” (Computer und Technik) - Europe’s most prestigious magazine of advanced computer technology. Daily ration of the latest information prepares team of five experts working in Wroclaw. Our domain is accurate, up to date and interesting news from the IT industry.


InfoProf provides consulting services in the fields of data security management, data processing and presentation. We ensure business-level safety for your data, and provide solutions for processing that data in accord with current law – especially when it comes to in-depth protection of personal data. CRM solutions and custom-made database systems allow for processed data to safely and timely reach its destination. When it comes to data presentation and publishing, we use our custom-crafted solutions which allow for the most vital data to be presented on a webpage in a clear, accessible manner.


NF.sec (Network Access Security Files are reserved) – is a project that deals with fundamental aspects of security and mechanisms for the Linux operating system. The aim of NF.sec is to quickly help with learning of the built-in security mechanisms of the operating system usage and with installing, and configuring software from outside it. Articles contained on this site are primarily addressed to members interested in administration and already beginning administrators who wish to develop basic policies and security system, which will become one of the key elements of their network server or workstation

SecurityReason is a dynamic organization focusing best Polish and foreign specialists, whose ambition for several years is to improve the safety level of the most popular Web applications. According to our understanding of the error is just as important as knowledge about their use, and therefore SecurityReason leads ExploitAlert section where you can find exploits and bugs in the software, and section which contains accurate information on public errors in different applications. SecurityAlert Department is a database that presents a set of bugs in different applications, ranging from operating systems, and other miscellaneous applications that can be used for nefarious purposes. This database presents descriptions of the bugs that have been signed a unique number CVE. Thanks to mistakes made by us are authentic and their susceptibility occurred. SecurityReason cooperate with the state organization founded by U.S. CVE Department of Homeland Security, which deals with the verification errors. We have been recognized as a worthy partner of the global Internet portal called SecurityReason. We are open to cooperation on safety at a high level in order to correct mistakes made by many developers from all over the world, because as a human being is fallible and has the right to make mistakes


Virus Bulletin ( is an online security information portal and certification body, providing users with independent intelligence about the latest developments in the anti-malware and anti-spam fields, as well as conducting bimonthly certifications of anti-malware and anti-spam products.

The annual Virus Bulletin conference is cited by many as ‘the’ anti-malware event of the year. Now in its 20th year it provides a focus for the industry, representing an opportunity for experts in the field to share their research interests, discuss methods and technologies and set new standards, as well as meet with – and learn from – those who put their technologies into practice in the real world.

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