Confidence - (25-26.05 2010 Krakow)
Language: polski | engish

Alexey Tikhonow

Alexey Tikhonow Graduated from Moscow State University in 2002, M.Sc in Computer Science and Calculation Math, Ph.D-in-waiting. Practical security specialist since 1997. Alexey is a co-founder, a CIO and a Senior Analyst of IT & security consulting company, Corelogic.
Areas of expertise:

  • Modeling, programming and reverse engineering of computer systems.
  • Network pentesting.
  • Datamining application for network analysis.
  • Social Network Analysis from the security point of view.

Topic of Presentation: De-blackboxing of digital camera

Language: English

Abstract: About two years ago author was a participant in the early stages of the large project, which aims to expand the functionality of Canon-cameras Canon (RAW-format, DOF calculator, “live” histogram & etc).
So the talk will cover the origins of the project and include descriptions of our practical technical solutions to such problems as:

  • de-blackboxing of digital camera,
  • decrypting of the firmware update,
  • reverse-engineering of firmware update,
  • reconstructing patched update,
  • finding out ways to dump the ROM from the camera,
  • disassembling the operating system,
  • harmless patching camera software,
  • and some more.
Despite the fact that the work was done about few years ago, main ideas, methods and approaches are still relevant today.