Confidence - (25-26.05 2010 Krakow)
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Axelle Apvrille

Axelle Apvrille is a senior mobile anti-virus analyst and researcher at Fortinet, living on the sunny French riviera, close to Nice. She hunts down malware for mobile phones, tries to understand how they work and writes signatures to block them. Before joining Fortinet, Axelle worked for over 12 years in cryptology, security protocols and operating systems. She has taught computer security in several French engineering schools (~ Master of Science), published in magazines (IEEE Security & & Privacy, Linux magazine, MISC…), conferences (LISA, EICAR…) and filed over 10 patents. Last but not least, Axelle is a proud user of OpenSolaris :)

Topic of Presentation: The Four Horsemen – Malware for mobile

Language: English

Abstract: This presentation selects a few recent malware for mobile, and provides a technical description for each: how they infect the phone, the malicious payload and propagation mechanism. The malware are selected among the most prevalent in 2009/2010 and technically-striking. They run over different mobile platforms such as Symbian and iPhone. Then, the presentation studies common trends among those malware, in particular, their simplicity (little skills required to implement them) and their monetization. There are so many mobile phone users that malware authors have the opportunity to get quickly rich. At the expense of victims…