Confidence - (25-26.05 2010 Krakow)
Language: polski | engish

Jacob Appelbaum

Jacob Appelbaum is a resident of San Francisco, California, and both a photographer and independent computer security hacker. He currently is employed by the Tor project. He is ambassador for the art group monochrom and known for his research on the cold boot attack amongst other things. Jacob is the executive director and a founder of the hackerspace Noisebridge, located in San Francisco, California.

Topic of Presentation: Anonymity, Privacy, and Circumvention with Tor in the Real World

Language: English

Abstract: The Tor network is the largest and well known anonymity network ever deployed.
How does it work? Who uses it, where do they use it, and why do they use it? This talk will give a quick introduction to the Tor network, it will include real life examples of people using Tor to safeguard their use of the internet, and it will cover some of the current challenges facing the Tor network.
If you’ve ever wondered about country-wide firewalls (both the technology and the social support behind them), geographically anonymous hosting, or practical privacy on the internet – this talk will be of interest.