Confidence - (25-26.05 2010 Krakow)
Language: polski | engish

Wojciech Bojdol

Wojciech Bojdol – wojboj. A specialist in the memory psychology and memory illusion, linux / unix system security and new technologies. In 1998-2001 he was the author of over 40 publications in the area of new technologies and information security. In 2001 awarded the Scholarship of the Prime Minister. For many years, leading software projects, implementing new technologies and providing consultancy services in the field of security for many companies. Contributor of Consortium / Aktywni Group. Graduate at Department of Psychology, University of Warsaw

Topic of Presentation: Well known vulnerabilities in human brain and behavior – common admin mistakes

Language: English

Abstract: Errors due to defects in human perception, although they are well documented and tested by scientists are not known in the circles of people involved in IT Security. Researchers describe a phenomenon using complex language, which from the perspective of professionals and sometimes unintelligible leads to an erroneous understanding of phenomena. A short lecture will present the most significant errors committed by people that happen very often including IT Security staff. These errors include:

  • illusion of infallibility,
  • ignoring unfavorable information
  • disrespectful treatment of the results and people outside the team,
  • no release of information contrary to our view,
  • memory illusions (false memories and not only)
Lecture aims to bring the phenomena to administrators and an indication of some simple ways of dealing with these problems.