Confidence - (25-26.05 2010 Krakow)
Language: polski | engish

Yaniv Miron

Yaniv Miron is an information security consultant and researcher currently working at “IL Hack” as a security consultant and researcher for major organizations. In addition, Yaniv is a senior instructor at the “IL Hack Institute” that teaches hacking classes in Europe. Prior to that Yaniv worked for major consulting firms and for the Israeli Defense Force as the CISO of the “Center of Computing and Information Systems”. Yaniv is the founder of the biggest Israeli hacking convention – IL.Hack. Yaniv is certified as a CISO from the Israel Institute of Technology and a Certified Locksmith. Yaniv spoke at security and hacking convention as OWASP, Hacker Halted, IL.Hack, Israeli Police – Department of Cyber Crime Investigations Conference and at the Israeli Institute of technology as in many other hacking and security conventions. Yaniv is highly skilled with hands on penetration testing and security research and found several security vulnerabilities.

Topic of Presentation: Microsoft Patch Analysis

Language: English

Abstract: The presentation would be highly technical and would talk about Microsoft Patches Analysis and diffing. The presentation would show how to take Microsoft security patches (Patch Tuesday), analyze them and create exploits from their info (Exploit Wednesday) in the same way hackers and security researchers do. We will talk about the tools, steps and methods of doing the Microsoft patch analysis and diffing. This presentation contains advanced security research material and directed to security researchers.